We know that children are in a sense teachers. However, as parents it can be a very difficult experience to see our child suffer be it from a physical illness, emotional such as depression or an environment situation like school and bullying. How do we as parents help them?

Pepe has experience working with children original as a social circus teacher, a Samaritan, a youth worker and now as practitioner of alternative medicine. His background in circus and clowning makes it easy for children to feel as ease in his presence and his experience in health and social care gives him knowledge on how to support and help balance the challenges children face.



Female, 6 year old girl
Concerns: Low self esteem, frequent tantrums, angry towards mother, broken sleep.

I found Duncan’s body talk sessions with Kaia invaluable. He was able to put her at ease quickly with his good sense of humour and sensitive nature. Duncan explained what was going to happen in simple terms so she did not feel frightened or overwhelmed. Duncan has an extremely intuitive nature, which adds to the depth of his body talk sessions.

Since Kaia has been having body talk sessions she has been more settled emotionally and has had less tantrums. She is able to accept advice from me (mother), which is a first and is generally more happy day to day and sleeping more hours which is good for all of us.
Gemma  – Brighton, East Sussex, UK.