Spiritual and Personal Growth

Are you going round in circles?

Have you tried out different modalities and know that you are on the right track but still struggle with life and health?

Why is it that others around you are succeeding and you aren’t?

So what is it? Your Body? Your thoughts? Your beliefs? Your emotions? A Trauma? Your birth? Your diet? Your Body Image? Your Self-esteem? Your self worth? Your work? Your environment?

It is a mixture of all those.

It is alright to want to become more spiritual and look for strategies for personal growth yet it can sometimes be confusing because we are often blocked by an underlying factor that we can or can’t pinpoint. Even when you know what the problem is you still can’t get rid of it.

Pepe is many things (father, husband, son, brother, teacher, therapist, support worker and more) but really he is a catalyst, and observer. That is the skill he uses to bring about a Shift in your awareness and subsequently a spiritual and personal growth.

He brings in knowledge from different forms of modalities (Chakra balancing, Meridian balancing, Reiki, muscular skeletal work, DNA repair, Biogenics and more), applies them and brings wisdom to your body to release the invisible holdings that are blocking you from making that leap. To allow your BodyMind to BreakFree.


BodyTalk with Duncan has helped me to de-stress and feel more balanced. I have noticed that I have had very fast relief from pain including headaches and viruses after sessions. I have felt more grounded and energetic, and more connected with my emotions. We are conditioned to think in terms of specific symptoms and cures, but BodyTalk works with the whole, and harness the healing power of nature.

Duncan gives you his full attention and has a very relaxed and gentle approach that puts you at ease. He is warm and approachable, and his positive attitude and enthusiasm help to create a healing environment for the client.
Paul Symes – Alexander Technique Practitioner – Newhaven, East Sussex, UK.

I was introduced to Body talk and the tapping technique at a seminar at which Duncan was an enthusiastic contributor. I have subsequently gone on to have several Body talk sessions with Duncan and I hope to have many more in the future. During a session he focuses on the organs and body systems in a subtle but methodical way which gives me the feeling that wellness somehow being cultivated in me. Following on from the rhythm of the session he conveys his observations and connections into what the physical body has told him and this shows his insight and knowledge. Duncan is a confident professional with a positive attitude and has developed his skills and natural talent for Body talk over time. He possesses a natural trait for healing which seems to be an elusive quality in today’s world.
Keith Pantridge – Saltdean, East Sussex, UK.