Pain, chronic disease, Cancer.

Statement 3


Duncan has successfully support clients with cancer, chronic disease and pain management. Using the strategies in the WholeHealthcare system BodyTalk.

Duncan is understanding, professional and dedicated to bringing about a change in your own view of health challenge.

His insights and intuition allows to find the underlying cause of your symptoms and allows you to feel changed.


Duncan has helped me to overcome some serious health issues, and his healing has helped enormously with overcoming the stress that these physical symptoms have caused. I am incredibly grateful to him, and I sense that he has real ‘healing qualities’. I wish him all good luck with his future practice!’
Client – Lewes, UK

I came across Duncan and Body Talk at a time I was struggling massively following an emergency c section and not long after a fracture to my thoracic spine.  I was completely unable to receive any other manual therapies at the time as every other modality was just too painful to receive. Duncan is extremely intuitive and precise in his approach as a practitioner and I was amazed at the level of support I received when every other avenue had failed to offer what I needed to progress and recover.

I found each body talk session to be invaluable in helping me process trauma mentally and physically and cope with extreme levels of physical pain. This was a powerful introduction to body talk as a healing modality. I would highly recommend it to anyone struggling with any issue and in particular extreme and chronic levels of pain. Duncan has a kind and sensitive approach and his treatments always offer an incredibly safe and healing space.
Louisa – Brighton, East Sussex, UK

There is for me a before and after my first BodyTalk session a year or so ago.
In october 2012 I got diagnosed with a “polymyalgia rheumatica” and was prescribed steroids. After finding out about the side effects of the prescription I choose to rip it, bin it and look for another path to recover my health.

I was left with what I knew, the pain, an urge to call for positive change and a quest in searching for healing my body, mind and spirit.

In March I went to a talk of BT presented by Duncan Bailey at Anahata, my local holistic clinic. Two days later I booked for my first session. What followed was what I consider to be one of the best day of my limited existence. Not only the constant pain dispeared for three full weeks but following the second session I experienced a kind of rebirth.

Since a lot of  profound positive changes have occured with Duncan’s help, his knowledge and dedication have skillfully contributed in my healing process.

I feel blessed to have crossed the path of the BodyTalk system.

Thank you for existing.
Patricia – Brighton, UK